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I'm Leaving this site :(

Hey guys... So i'm sorry to say this but i'm stopping running this site... It just isn't working out how it used to...

BUT I still run my blog which is a lot more convenient for me and it is more structured.  Please go check it out and follow it:



Thanks guys and  I greatly appreciate all the new members we have gotten in the past 5 days :D

I'm Back!!!! xD

Hey guys! Ugh it is soooooo nice to be able to run my site again! As some of you might know, I have not been on my site  for a while due to other things in my life which I wont talk about. Any-who, I am back n' glad to be running my site again so anyways I am gonna start with the new pet updates and Wintertusk and of course the pet that was announced today.... The awsomeness "rock pet"
If you want to know more about this, go to the "News" section of the site.

Thanks for listening,

Blaze Shadowhorn

WELCOME to my Wizard101 website!!! (newer stuff lower on page)


Please become a member! Thank You.

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We have a few new updates to the website:

  •  We have a new segment where we make you your own genuine custom made spell card. It is called (Spell Card Creator)
  • We have Pages that include most Wizard101 spells for every school. They are called
-Ice Spells
-Fire Spells
-Storm Spells
-Death Spells
-Life Spells 
-Myth Spells
-Balance Spells
  •  We have also gone mobile which means you can view this site from a phone, etc.


We just finished updating all the spell pages and now we have every spell for every school (except sun,moon,star)!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Yes... this just happened. If you haven't guessed from the title... WIZARD101 CAME OUT WITH GARDENING ON THE TEST REALM!!!!! I have posted a video about it of me on the test realm and some pictures... GO CHECK THEM OUT!!! I posted a video about this and showing gardening in video section so go watch it!

New Segment!!!

NEW SEGMENT, NEW SEGMENT, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Yup, we just came out with yet, another new segment! It is called 'Diaries of My Wizards". All it really is, is it talks about my wizards and what they are doing etc. So check it out! xD


Hey guys,

we edited our wiki and now it has pet info on it. It is under construction so we only have some hybrids though.

Go check it out to see the pet hybrid section  

Thanks Friendly!!! 

Ok, so I was browsing through my good friend the friendly necromancer's site and saw this 


It's that time again where I dig through my e-mail and post up all the little tidbits and nick-knacks that y'all send me. So journey with me my readers as we CHECK THIS OUT!


This note comes from Blaze ShadowHorn:
Dear Friendly Necromancer,
I created a wizard101 site called and the email is
What I am getting at is I would be so honored if you would consider putting my site on your site and telling people about my site or checking it out. It would mean so much to me!
(continued bellow...) 

Thanks Friendly!!! (continued)


Thanks for the link! I'm especially interested in your news section of the site: 


HEYYYYY PEOPLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! I just updated the downloads section of the site by publishing a new download called pet's. This gives the name, location, cost, etc. of EVERY pet on wizard101. Go download it now and remember... Have Fun!!!


I would like to welcome all of our new members who joined today! Feel free to ask questions, and look around. 

-Blaze Shadowhorn