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Here you can find pictures of all balance spells



 level 1

  level 5


  level 10


  level 16


  level 26 


  level 42


            level 48 (balance only)


                    level 58 (balance only)



  Merle Ambrose Tutorial Quest (balance only)


  Wizard City Complete Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Avenue (balance only)


  Krokosphinx (Niles) (tree)


  Krokosphinx (Niles) (tree)


  Complete Krokotopia (balance only)



  level 7 (balance only)


  level 8


  level 12 (balance only)


  Complete Wizard City (balance only)


  Krokosphinx (Niles) (tree)


  Krokosphinx (Niles) (tree)


  Complete Marleybone (balance only)



Complete Krokosphinx (balance only)



Manipulations, Minions, Minion Sacrificing: 

  Colossus Boulevard (Secret Shop)


  level 18 (balance only)


  Digmoore Station (Croaky)


  level 22 (balance only)


  level 33 


  level 38 (balance only)

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