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Here you can find pictures of all death spells


 level 1


  level 5




 level 10


   level 16


  Complete Krokosphinx (death only)


  level 22


 level 42


           level 48 (death only)


 level 58 (death only)



   Wizard City Fairegrounds


   Merle Ambrose Tutorial Quest (death only)


  level 8


  level 18 (death only)


  level 26



    level 7 (death only)


  Colossus Boulevard (secret shop)


   Complete Marleybone (death only)


Manipulations, Damage to self spells: 

Nightside (Mortis) (Tree)


  Complete Wizard City (death only)


  Complete Krokotopia (death only)


  level 28 (death only)     

 minion by pip list


  level 33


  level 38 (death only)